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My Childhood - Original Writing - 1262 Words

When I think back to my childhood, I can remember moving with my parents and siblings to Topeka Ks, back in 2006. I started in a new school and was rather fascinated, in a special way, by a particular boy in class. Even though my thoughts at that point in time were not particularly sexual (I was nine at the time), I often thought about how handsome this boy was I had quite a problem setting the issue in my mind. I looked at him ever so often, and in doing so I felt pleasure. As years went by, as I began to enter puberty, I started to take more interest in boys. While in the locker room during physical education, I detected that I was sexually attracted to boys. Although, I did date a few girls here in there it was nothing serious (specially because we did not even kiss.) During my period of adolescence, I never thought about what I was. All the things that took place in the emotional and sexual real were, admittedly, real and concrete to me. I experienced real feelings for other boys, such as love and sexual attraction. At the same time, I never really confronted my feelings, so I continued to have them without having to worry about them. They just were, and that was fine with me. While some people claimed that my sexuality was â€Å"unnatural† (a claim which did not affect me in any shape or form), for me, my homosexuality was very natural indeed. It was my eight grade year, when I decided to come out to my mom. Personally my feelings were too strong, to deny who I was. SchoolShow MoreRelatedMy Childhood - Original Writing Essay1683 Words   |  7 Pagesleaves would crunch beneath my steel covered toes and the fresh, cool forest wind would numb my cheeks. In my childhood years, several years after my parents’ divorce, my dad would take my sister and I out to hunting camp on the weekends. It was usually deer hunting season when we would travel there. My sister and I would hunker down and stay quiet in the early mornings before the sun would come up and at dusk before it would get dark. These were prime deer hunting times. My little sister Lizzy and IRead MoreMy Childhood - Original Writing Essay1312 Words   |  6 Pagesreminds me of my childhood – perhaps a name, a memory, a smell, a picture - who knows what brings the memories into my head? But recently, a memory came back with the sounds, smells, tastes, and sights that I hadn’t experienced in about 45 years. Those memories comfort me, but now smoke clouds my treasured past. Almost two years ago, my last uncle passed away. That was the end of the older generation for me. I cherish the moments I spent with him the summer before he died. My brother andRead MoreMy Childhood - Original Writing1035 Words   |  5 Pages My mom got remarried the year before I started first grade. We moved from our small two bedroom home in Austin, MN to a four bedroom farmhouse that was built in the 1890’s. I grew up most of my childhood in the farmhouse. When I was in 9th grade my family started to build a house just a few feet away from the farmhouse. It took about 5 years to finish the project, with many setbacks along the way. It wasn’t until March of this year that I actually got to live in the beautiful house that my step-dadRead MoreMy Childhood - Original Writing990 Words   |  4 Pageswas in for a shock. In 2003, my parents announced that they were getting a divorce. At first I didn’t really understand what was going on as I was only 8 years old. I overlooked the fact that there were always tears in mum’s eyes and that most nights I could hear constant yelling. My innocents ignored the reality of what was really going on behind the closed doors. My dad was forced to move out and he struggled to find a permanent house to live in. He stayed with my grandma in the mean while. IRead MoreMy Childhood - Original Writing985 Words   |  4 PagesMy childhood was never exactly normal or easy. My parents had split up when I was three and I was sent to live with my grandparents. My dad moved back to Ohio and I never had much of a relationship with him. My mom stayed in North Carolina, but moved to a different city. She had a nice job, a nice relationship, and she even got to visit her kids. I was always much closer to my mother than my father. A few years later, my mom lost her job and decided to move in with us to help take care of everyoneRead MoreMy Childhood - Original Writing Essay944 Words   |  4 Pagesdid my mom lose her voice?† I asked my grandma with a heavy tone. â€Å"She was 20 years old, almost the same as your current age. I still remember the day that she came to me and said ‘mom, sometimes I feel nothing in my ear. I don t know how to explain my feeling to you but it s painful and scary.’ I got shocked. She was young and she has her dreams to achieve. How can she be stuck at her 20s?† I thought my feelings was the exactly same as my grandma. Slithering beads of rain sluiced down my windowRead MoreMy Childhood - Original Writing1607 Words   |  7 Pagesurbanization, my parents frequently would bring my two younger brothers and I to parks throughout the city. Playing on the jungle gyms, swinging on the swings, and just running around was such a normal part of my childhood. I spent countless hours breathing in fresh air, instilling me with a strong appreciation for the outdoors and a sense of inner peace in the outside world. As I aged, my parents allowed me to venture to the parks nearby by myself. However, I was rarely alone since frequently my youngerRead MoreMy Childhood - Original Writing1005 Words   |  5 PagesMy Protectors â€Å"Family is like branches on a tree we may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.† When I think of this quote, I think a lot about my brothers. When I was younger I hated having three brothers. It was probably one of the worst things in my life. It was until I got older that I realized that they were there to protect me. Growing up with three brothers was a constant circus. I don’t think we ever did something that was nice and benefited all of us. Andrew, CoryRead MoreMy Childhood - Original Writing Essay708 Words   |  3 Pagesup that day my life would change. In second grade, during the summer, my parents were fighting. A common occurrence in my household, so there was no reason to be worried. My siblings were at my grandma’s house while I wanted to stay with my mom and dad. Unfortunately, my mom agreed to let me stay. The day seemed normal enough in the morning. I woke up to watch Dora and Diego. I ate my cereal my father made for me. I loved when Emily and Bryce were gone; I had all the attention of my mom and dadRead MoreMy Childhood - Original Writing954 Words   |  4 Pageswere told just like every other child about stranger danger. The only difference in my childhood as opposed to every other child in my neighborhood was my older brother. And he had a very large impact on my life. Salameh, or Sam for short, is a first generation Kuwaiti-American. While all of my schoolmates would head off to vacation with their American-dream family, people would always ask our family if Sam was my boyfriend tagging along on vacation. And when these people (waitresses, sales clerks

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Inclusive Education Essay - 3477 Words

What is inclusive education? Inclusive education is concerned with the education and accommodation of ALL children in society, regardless of their physical, intellectual, social, or linguistic deficits. Inclusion should also include children from disadvantaged groups, of all races and cultures as well as the gifted and the disabled (UNESCO, 2003). Inclusion tries to reduce exclusion within the education system by tackling, responding to and meeting the different needs of all learners (Booth, 1996). It involves changing the education system so that it can accommodate the unique styles and way of learning of each learner and ensure that there is quality education for all through the use of proper resources, suitable curricula, appropriate†¦show more content†¦Inclusive education also recognises that learning occurs both at home and in the community and therefore the support of parents, family and the community is vital (Department of Education, 2001). Truly inclusive schools understand the uniqueness of e very child, that all children can learn and that all children have different gifts, strengths learning styles and needs. These schools then provide the appropriate means and support through which these needs can be met (UNESO, 2003) The necessity for making schools and classrooms inclusive in South Africa Inclusion has become a necessity in South Africa as South Africa has a history of violence and the education system has always been politicised and used by the ruling class as a way of marginalising and stigmatising various groups in society (De Lange, 1989). Inequalities in our society, lack of access to basic services and poverty are prevailing historical factors that place our children at risk and still lead to severe exclusion of children with barriers to learning (whether it be economic, social, intellectual, language, socio-economic or physical barriers) (UNESCO, 2005). Today there are still about two hundred and eighty thousand learners with disabilities or impairments that are not in any form of education (Department of Education, 2001). Inclusion is therefore necessary because all learners have a right to an education, to be accepted and given theShow MoreRelatedInclusive Curriculum : Education And Inclusive Education769 Words   |  4 PagesInclusive Curriculum In the 19th century, special needs learners, particularly students with disability have to be segregated in the special schools. However, over the past decades, humanity’s progress has occurred in acknowledging that students with special needs enjoy the same education rights as their peers. Nowadays, this group of student cohort has access to mainstreaming schools and inclusive education. In Australia, today’s classrooms are becoming increasingly diverse. According to AustralianRead MoreInclusive Education1804 Words   |  8 Pagesaccess to regular schools – that is the basic idea of the department’s Inclusive Education or Mainstreaming Program. In the Mainstreaming Program, the department maintains a warm and accepting classroom community that honors differences and embraces diversity of students. In the Philippines in 1992, the enactment of Republic Act 7277, otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons, provided the Department of Education a stronger impetus to improve on its educational services for these childrenRead MoreInclusive Education3595 Words   |  15 PagesINCLUSIVE EDUCATION: CHALENGES AND PROSPECT IN INDIAN PERSPECTIVE ABSTRACT Inclusive education is process of strengthening the capacity of the education system to reach out to all learners, irrespective of their abilities, disabilities, ethnicity, gender and age, and receives quality education. The purpose of the study is to ensure that all children gain access to quality education that will prepare them to contribute to country’s progress. Recommendations to send children with disabilities toRead MoreInclusive Education And Its Impact On Education1074 Words   |  5 PagesBackground In the last few decades the education system has changed drastically. As a result of The Salamanca Statement which highlights right of education for all children (UNESCO, 1995) implementation of inclusive education has been the goal in many countries (Leyser Kirk, 2004). Although the movement of inclusive education has gained momentum in recent years, there are number of factor that plays important role for inclusive education to be successful, such as training, resources, legislationRead MoreInclusive Education Essay1546 Words   |  7 PagesInclusion, a complex issue which creates continuous debates. In the book Creating Inclusive Classrooms, J. Spencer Salend defines inclusion as : â€Å"[†¦] a philosophy that brings diverse students, families, educators and community members together to create schools and other social institutions based on acceptance, belonging and community [†¦] (Creating inclusive Classrooms, 2005, p.6) As a result, inclusive education considers as from a young age, all students as full members of the school communityRead MoreThe Challenges Of Inclusive Education Essay1592 Words   |  7 PagesChallenges of inclusive education Koster (2009), defines the ‘social participation’ as, â€Å"The social participation of peoples with special needs in regular education is the presence of positive contact/interaction between these children and their classmates; acceptance of them by their classmates; social relationships/friendships between them and their classmates and the people s perception they are accepted by their classmates† He further says that in a regular classroom students with differentRead MoreInclusive Education in India2690 Words   |  11 PagesA note on Inclusive Education Historically, attempts towards development and ensuring equality and justice for all have commonly been found to conform to the norms and systems of the majority. Most of these attempts have articulated the need for inclusion of all segments of the society – however, in most cases this articulation took the form of ‘special care systems’ that ultimately led to further exclusion of these com munities – physically, mentally and psychologically. For a variegated and multi-segmentRead More Inclusive Education Essay3017 Words   |  13 Pagesface special education. Although we live in a democratic nation, many people are unaware that every human being is to be treated equally in an educational institution. Is society conscious of the fact that students with special needs are able to be included in regular education classrooms, whether they be mentally or physically disabled? What actions should people take as legislator, citizen, parent, teacher or student? Typically, the primary responsibility of general education teachers isRead MoreInclusive Education For Children With Disabilities1631 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract Inclusive education is where children with disabilities receive special education services in the general education setting. Many factors can make inclusion difficult or complex. Accommodating instruction to meet the educational needs of all students is one of the most fundamental problems in education. Many argue that inclusive practices benefit all students. While others argue that inclusive education is inadequately designed to meet the needs of exceptional students. Benefits of inclusiveRead MoreCollaborative Teaching And Inclusive Education1495 Words   |  6 PagesSpecial education settings provide an exclusive service to students who are physically or mentally challenged. There are many creative, and innovative teaching approaches and techniques developed these days to facilitate learners with special needs. Focusing to expand their learning outcomes I have decided to choose Collaborative Teaching and Inclusive Education as the most effective evidence-based strategy. As a ma tter of fact, the understandings and mastering of the strategies are crucial before

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Purchasing and Supply Organization Department Free Essays

I contacted a consultant for Mansell Ltd. and a great deal of information was gathered and analyzed. The following advice would be given for ways of improving their purchasing and supply organization. We will write a custom essay sample on Purchasing and Supply Organization Department or any similar topic only for you Order Now Currently, Mansell Ltd. Operates from six sites and has a central purchasing and stock control department in the North of England. Upon an analysis of the company, it has been found that orders for production materials have been placed with over 6000 different companies during the last four years. There are many benefits to be gained from buying from a smaller number of suppliers. The purchasing and supply department would be better organized and thus more efficient if less supply companies were used. Purchasing supplies from fewer companies would result in better pricing of supplies. For example, if the company purchased the same items from several different companies, it is probably getting charged more. Purchasing the same item from only one company will result in savings for the number of items bought because many companies give a discount for large quantities of items purchased. When using the same companies for purchasing, a rapport between the two is possible. When a supplier knows that his/her products will be needed by a certain company, he/she will be more likely to have those products more readily available. For example, if the seller knows that the buyer needs a thousand items each week, the seller will make sure that those items are in stock and will save them for the purchaser instead of selling them to another company. The more sellers, the more confusion there will be. Even with computer technology, having so many sellers presents a logistical problem. A purchasing and supply organization should follow certain business fundamentals. Low cost, quality, and timeless are fundamental to the business. Planning is required. Buying from fewer companies results in fewer persons to deal with. Six thousand suppliers are a large number to be dealing with. Those are far too many suppliers involved. Keeping up with that great a number of suppliers would keep several people in the purchasing department busy. In order to become more efficient and use fewer numbers of man-hours, using fewer suppliers is the answer. Diversity is good in some instances. However, the purchasing and supply organization is not one of them. In fact, diversity only caused unnecessary confusion, and too many chances for problems. Purchasing is one of the vital parts of any company. The products acquired enable the business to create or generate its product. There are a diverse number of potential suppliers, as evidenced by the 6,000 suppliers that have been utilized in the past. This number makes purchasing a chore instead of an easy adventure. The purchasing department needs as few challenges as possible. Eliminating a number of suppliers cuts down on the challenge they pose. With insight into the management of the purchasing and supply department’s inner workings, many of the sellers can be eliminated. It would not be prudent to reduce the number to a handful of suppliers, what with the market what it is, but there is certainly no need for a great number of suppliers. Purchasers and buyers have a specific function. â€Å"Purchasers and buyers seek to obtain the highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible purchase cost for their employers. (In general, purchasers buy goods and services for the use of their company or organization whereas buyers buy items for resale.) They determine which commodities or services are best, choose the suppliers of the product or service, negotiate the lowest price, and award contracts that ensure the correct amount of the product or service is received at the appropriate time. In order to accomplish these tasks successfully, purchasers and buyers study sales records and inventory levels of current stock, identify foreign and domestic suppliers, and keep abreast of changes affecting both the supply of and demand for products and materials for which they are responsible† (Anonymous, 1998, PG). The way to reduce the number of suppliers would be as follows. An analysis of past purchases is required. Decide which companies have the best products for the lowest price. This is not the only factor to consider, however. Other issues, such as ability to get the product to Mansell Ltd. in a timely fashion is also important. Lower prices do not matter if the product does not get there when it is According to Steele and Court (1996), the understanding of purchasing is critical to a company’s long-term ability to profit, and its survival as a company. Understanding of purchasing includes the knowledge of how best to buy resources. This includes the sellers from whom the product is purchased as well as the amount of supplies that are purchased and when they are purchased (Steele Court, 1996). Check out the competition. Ask for samples. Make sure that the seller can deliver when he/she says he/she will, the amount of product that was agreed upon, and at or below the agreed upon cost. Proper training for the purchasing staff is vital. Regular meetings must be held. All purchasers must know the guidelines of the company. Training programs that teach the purchasers about the best manner in which to perform their jobs is important. A typical training program should include instruction by trained personnel that covers specified goals and only lasts for a day or two. Not a great deal of time should be taken up with training, but the training is vital. The proper changes must be implemented as soon as it is possible. Negotiation with potential suppliers is important. Having a good rapport between the buyer and the seller is also important. The buyer should travel to the prospective seller’s company and see what the company has to offer. One-on-one meetings are still important. By getting out there and getting to know the seller, the buyer will become more than a faceless person in the North of England. He/she becomes a ‘real’ person. Making acquaintances is important for business. A bond should be created between the buyer and the seller. Together the two can have a working relationship that is beneficial to the both of them. According to Killen and Kamauff (1995), purchasing is a planning process. The purchaser should determine both short and long-term needs for business operation. The purchasing function must be controlled. By doing this, its conformance to expectation levels can be ensured. Evaluations are important on a cyclic basis (Killen; Kamauff, 1995). The buyer should be able to negotiate with the seller. Prospective sellers should be able to give better prices for larger quantities. This allows the purchaser to make better decisions. The seller should be able to meet the needs of the buyer. If he/she does not, then that is not the company to deal with. The buyer does not need added stress; he/she needs products as they are required. When a seller is given the lion’s share of purchases, he/she can more readily fill the orders. A purchaser must have certain tactics. Those tactics include such items as vulnerability management, supply positioning, and suppliers’ preferences. He/she must be able to work with others. Communication is vital for the purchaser. Teamwork is a necessary element of purchasing. Constant reevaluation is necessary (Steele Court, 1996). According to Malley (1998), the Internet is a viable tool for purchasing departments. Barbara Chilson is the vice president and general manager of Internet commerce for her company, which is W. W. Grainger. In Chilson’s opinion, â€Å"the advent of purchasing supplies electronically, increasingly referred to as paperless purchasing, can be attributed to a variety of factors and emerging technology† (Malley, 1998). Purchasing is vital to Mansell Ltd. The purchasing department must streamline and make changes in order to make Mansell Ltd. be as profitable as possible. Having too many suppliers results in chaos. This can be resolved by reducing the number of suppliers. Technology is another important consideration. Purchasing of some items can be done online, which saves time and money. How to cite Purchasing and Supply Organization Department, Essay examples

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Rhetorical Analysis Of An Advertisement Essay Example For Students

Rhetorical Analysis Of An Advertisement Essay CEMETORYCemetery is the last peaceful place for our restless souls. It is the place of our final end. It is not just a place of tombstone and grave, it is the burial ground of our love ones. When I visited the cemetery for the first time. The first thing I noticed was the tombstones and the graves. Some graves had flower on them. Few trees were scattered throw out the land. I heard the wind as it passes through the tombstones and made hissing sound. I felt quietness and peacefulness in this confined area, which was fortified by invisible fences. Unlike the other places, the link to the out side world was cutout here. As I sat there I began to see something different about this place. I saw history of mankind being buried here. I roamed through the cemetery. I tried to find an oldest grave. I came upon a grave, the date on it was 1899 which wasnt the oldest grave compare to the other tombstone I came across. What strikes me the most was the age of its occupant. The tombstone read, 1894-1899I am five years oldIt gave me the sense of mortality. The tombstone might be over two hundred years old, but the little girl was still give years old. Regardless how old I got over the next few years. The little girl will always be five years old. She was immortal. Time stood still for her. Cemetery holds the history of the people being buried there. We struggle through out our live. We hate each other, on the basis of the color of our skin, our race and our religion. We celebrate our revenge as loudest as we can. We destroy in order to prosper. But people here were in peace. My mother always told me the story of Sikinder-e-Azam. He is known to western world as Alexander the-great. She told me how he conquers the world and how powerful he was. But when he died on the border of Persia he took nothing with him. He entered his grave with empty hands. He is lying in his grave just like everybody else, peacefully. The cemetery always reminded me the realty of life. Life is short and we all must die someday, so it is the part of our life cycle. Every begging has its ending and we should always remember that. Life exists only for a fraction in time. In the end the life that we cherished so mush only betrays us. The death that we tried so hard to avoid, takes English

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Study of Mobile Phone Addiction and Usage Behavior Among Youths free essay sample

The purpose of this report is to investigate the mobile phone addiction and usage behaviors focused on young users and research the relationships of them. The research shows that most of young users keep their phones on hand all the day because they need to contact with friends through talking on the phone or text message with them. In addition, as the development of internet, people can release fresh news anytime at anywhere. Anyone else could see that and they could exchange ideas about fashions on the phone through internet too. Besides, the author believed that the more use of mobile phone, the more attendant problem will appear. The conclusion has shown that the relationship between mobile phone addiction and usage behavior is cause and effect. Peer relationship restrict them have to take their mobile phone everywhere, it is quite possible to be addicted in the mobile phone uses and lead to some bad usage behaviors. We will write a custom essay sample on Study of Mobile Phone Addiction and Usage Behavior Among Youths or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The recommendations of the report are focused on young people restrictions. On the other hand, young people should also be encouraged to engage in some extra activities after class to build up their true relationships and learning some living skills. Introduction In this day and age, it is universally acknowledged that mobile phone is among the most prominent kinds of information and communications technology (ICT) and is probably also the one that has shown the most spectacular development during the past few years with regard to technological innovations, social impact, and general use by the majority of the population (M. Choliz, 2013). Especially in young people, mobile phones are spreading in popularity, increase their social communication frequency and expand their opportunities for making social relationships (Igarashi et al. , 2005 and Matsuda, 2000) using this technology. However, there are also some negative effects on using mobile phones among young people. For example, the use of mobile phones in schools reduces the concentration of the students during class (Hiscock, 2004 and Selwyn, 2003), creates billing problems (Funston and Mac Neill, 1999 and Youth Action, 2004), leads to unsafe driving habits (Pennay, 2006 and Walsh et al. 2008), and causes mobile phone addiction (Ehrenberg et al. , 2008 and Walsh and White, 2007). Of all of these outcomes, mobile phone addiction has the strongest relationships with mobile phone usage. Therefore, examining the relationships between mobile phone addiction and mobile phone usage for adolescents can help them keep away from addiction and cultivate healthy habits of usag e behavior. Method This survey was completed by interviews of schoolmates and some investigations in the electronic database. Ten respondents (5 male and 5 female) were asked a series of questions regarding their opinions of mobile phones addiction and their mobile phones usage situation includes the daily mobile phone usage-time and the amount of money spent monthly on mobile phone. Respondents provided details about their average daily time using mobile phone; then they were asked to answer two open-questions. In the meantime, in order to clarify the relationships between the mobile phones addiction and usage behavior, the author also searches the electronic database to find some authoritative articles in Expanded Academic ASAP Journal. Mobile phone addiction and mobile phone usage behavior According to the survey, 95% of the respondents said they spent almost half of the daytime on their mobile phones, even at night; they are unwilling to put it away from hands. Research shows that mobile phone addiction is significantly correlated with the total of phone-talk time, and the number of calls and text messages (Billieux et al. , 2007 and Billieux et al. , 2008). Besides, mobile phone usage behavior can spread fast through young people because they like to chat or contact with friends no matter when and where. If someone do not have a mobile phone or do not usually use it, it maybe means that he/she cannot catch up with fresh news or fashions† according to one of my classmates. Therefore, it is common to see that mobile phone has almost become a necessity between young people. The research also tends to show that the hypothesis of the greater the use of mobile phones then the higher will be the instance of mobile phone addiction and the attendant problems. For instance, the earlier the respondents began to use the mobile phone, the worse grade they have got and the deeper near-sighted they were. Conclusion In conclusion, the study revealed some reasons that caused mobile phone addiction and usage behaviors. The relationship between the two results is causality. Because most of young people share their opinions through mobile phones, the relationships restrict them to carry their phones. They could fall into bad habits, like addiction. Then the usage behavior will soon come into being. The report concludes that there are problems that need to be solved and it will list recommendations in the next section. Recommendations As a result of interviews of schoolmates, it is recommended that: †¢ Mobile phones should not be carried with hand in classrooms †¢ As far as the author concerned that there should be a time constraints of young mobile phones users in which they could more likely keep away from the negative effect. †¢ Students should be encouraged to join into after class activities to establish the real relationships around themselves and cultivate the great skills or habits of their life. †¢ The mobile phone users are becoming younger and younger; they should be attached great importance to the phone addictions and usage behaviors.

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Range of strategies and success of the business

Range of strategies and success of the business The orange company In business one of the most flexible variable in and organisations long-term profitability is its strategy. Here are different conceptual generalizations that attempt to describe what a strategy is.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Range of strategies and success of the business specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The most universal of these suggests that a strategy is a description of how an organization intends to manipulate and utilize its available resources to succeed amidst the whims of the competitive market. Success in the general business context can be held to mean substantial shareholder return as well as peaceful and ethical operations within the country legislative regime (Kolb, 1976). Generally a company’s strategy entails a critical and analytical evaluation of the company from a functional approach. It therefore embraces a number of decisions made in various departmental areas of the organization. The objective here is to ensure that every effort made within the strategy leads to an increase in shareholder value. The decisions stemming from this strategy are then implemented through further delibarettion of the decisions at lower levels of the Organization. The most important virtue in this whole process is consistency. The more consistent the decisions within a strategy the better it becomes At the functional level the main strategies are formulated on six main levels. These include marketing, product development, operations, finance, human resources as well as the information technology function. From these segmentations two main divisions of decisions are formulated. These majorly focus on either operations or investment. Decisions concerned with operations involve the short term achievements of the firm within the current markets. Investment options on the other hand critically evaluate the firm’s position in as far as future investment opportuni ties are concerned. The firm is essentially broken into a number of functions. The different organizations may brand their functions differently but the main generic divisions include marketing, product development, operations, finance, human resources as well as information technology. Organizations have a wide variety of strategic approaches and methods in which they may develop their strategy.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These techniques include the Just-In-Time and Total Quality Management. The objective of these strategies is to ensure that all the basic functions of the organizations work together. The test for the efficiency of this strategy is majorly based on the ability of the functions to collectively contribute to the overall strategy Within 30 months of its launch the Orange Company’s Business Services segment has acquired world wide fame as a worldwide business provider. This has added to the already existing global leadership on the business to business market. It has managed to maintain a stable and consistent command of the market factors using these to steer its profitability rates. The secret behind this success has been through its carefully elected and developed functional strategies. The process of development entails the translation of the overall strategy into subdivisions in the form of other strategies that are easy to adopt and implement at the functional level. They are majorly constructed in the form of shorter term goals as well as a tactical time frame set for the accomplishment of these sub strategies. The company has adjusted its enterprise line of business making it into the main tool for driving the company to unmatched levels in the Orange business to business strategy. Its main strong holds have been on its financial portfolio as well as an aggressive outreach to its consumer base by maintaining and efficient customers care. The process of leveraging the strong dynamic of Orange Business Services as well as a sustained domestic business to business activity profile within the countries in which it offers its services. The analysis results to the development of a team that manages the creation and regulation of a market strategy. The strategy mainly seeks to embrace the demands of the 3 Cs customers, competitors and company. In the process it serves the best interests of the market as a whole. Concentration on a single segment allows the developed strategy to adapt to customer needs that fall within the defined the 4 Ps for each segment product, price, promotion and place. For instance the company opened a new customer solution center has in one of its main consumer base in Singapore. The main purpose of this new creation is to facilitate a demonstration to senior executives on methods and procedures that are necessary for flexible solutions and services that target parti cular business and industry concerns.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Range of strategies and success of the business specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The company has gone out of its way to contradict trends in the ICT industry as well as the methods adopted by competitors in the market. The company has responded to the market trends and the need for a sharp edged management that is responsive to the contemporary market requirements. The mobile subscribers have a general trend of being influenced by a responsive service provider. It is therefore the obligation of the producer to maintain a high level of regard for the consumer’s needs as well as those of the industry. The adoption of this approach led to an increase in the company’s revenue by a 2 % margin within a period of 9 months as shown in the graph below The firm has also considered the benefits that accrue from telepresence. This strategy cuts travel time and costs and allows the company to reduce the impact on the environmental footprint. However this concept is not important to the organization unless it can be modified and adjusted to improve the speed of decision making involved in the process of research and development. In fact the concept allows people within various regions to engage in a multi-region marketing team with members with a membership that draws interest from various countries and client bases around the continent within a short span (Winther, 2009). In some cases it has been used on a weekly basis to coordinate the simultaneous coordination and management of the launch of new technology on a real-time basis without the bother of travelling across all these countries to facilitate this process. The company has engaged in consumer based strategies in its business services segment winning its customers hearts and encaging their minds in their world class consumer relations and service that has targeted t he consumers satisfaction as its main and only objective. Statistics form Telemark Services one of the leading research firms and an authority on market analysis in as far as IT and telecommunication services is concerned has vouched for the company as the only supplier whose final product relates with the consumer on an emotional and rational level. This has motivated a positive and aggressive demonstration of a high level of confidence by the consumer. This data was gathered from 745 interviews conducted in 2009 from a sample of consumers in the telecommunication market.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The company has also engaged in strategic alliances that are aimed at maintaining a competitive edge in the volatile technological environment. The company has entered into a partnership with Cisco, EMC and VMware to create an alliance dubbed Flexible 4 Business (Porter, 1985). This alliance is an attempt at providing convenience to the consumer in as far as business is concerned. The Telecoms industry market and service structure has grown tremendously over the years. This advancement may be associated with the major technological advancements in the field of innovations alongside an aggressive and increasing customer demands for more a high degree of flexibility as well as converged services that can be easily and conveniently accessed from a single device. The market has grown even more sophisticated with the consumers falling for those services that can be accessed from more than one device (Matias, 2007). The rate at which internet based new technologies have invaded the market with specific regard to the mobile market has allowed them to penetrate the market with much more vigor. It has also created room for new and modern service providers to offer new and value creating services that can all be offered all in one go. These groupings no longer require the individualized access procedures allowing the consumer to be more flexible. The demand for internet based products is actually expected to grow exponentially over the next few years as indicated by the graph below. It is this need that has motivated the need for a technology that offers an all inclusive package to the consumer. In the face of the new technological approach of cloud computing the company has used this partnership to further the prospects of tits benefits that include end-to-end computing services for enterprises. The market responds very fast to nee technology and therefore the company has allowed a smooth transition for its customers to cloud computing and allowed them to take advantag e of the flexibility gained form this infrastructure. The strategy also guarantees a reduction in the costs involved in transactions and convenience in the business world. Aside from the radical technological innovations the comprehensive and liberal policies that have been set up to regulate the industry have created a comfortable environment for the entry into this market. As it were this presents more competition for the company and begs for a strategy that will allow it to maintain a head start in the market preferences (Johnson Scholes, 1997). The fierce competition has captured a significant portion of the market limiting the scope of expansion and reducing the rate at which the company’s profits grow. In the face of this state of affairs alongside the declining profits generated from voice and narrowband services the Flexible 4 Business cloud services portfolio seeks to increase the company’s market command and ensure diversify the company’s sources of i ncome to avoid reliance on one line of production. The partnership has resulted in the creation of a product that is contains infrastructure-as-a-service elucidation. This individualized product is created to consider support services and privacy targeted for the customer. It also considers many other services that ensure the customer with conveniences that allows operation of different devices and also smooth communication. The company will therefore enjoy the benefits of having an IT service enterprise without having to create their own which would be an infeasible project at least within the next decade. The flexible 4 business portfolio will guarantee the company unlimited access to the convenient services of cloud computing and increase its product variety (Eynard, 1995). The company is therefore provided with an opportunity to offer end to end services with the close guidance and assistance from the best collection of technologies in the market. The unification of these compan ies is a subjective approach that seeks to ensure that the market externalities and business loopholes that are created by market gaps. The cloud computing portfolio financed by the Flexible 4 Business alliance, allows the company to enjoy the added advantage of software and IT company without having to set up its own. Orange Business Services seeks to take advantage of the end to- end service delivered from the by the use of cloud. The partnership brings together the very best breed of technologies in the market. The Flexible 4 Business alliance is the ultimate investment vehicle that integrates and pre-tests the firms strategies to ensure that they are tuned to deliver higher application performance across the enterprise (Chan-Olmsted Jamison, 2001). Conclusion As convergence takes its toll in the telecoms industry, the players continue to adjust their strategies to align themselves with Next Generation business models he hope that they will keep afloat of the competition and als o maintain a profitability index (Runhaar and Lafferty, 2007) . The transition to these new technologies for companies such as Orange requires a great amount of planning and deliberation as well as adjustment of the company’s strategies to fit appropriately in this race. The company has continued to reinvent its product as its moves towards the convergence between the telecommunications industry and internet coverage. It is common ground that players in this industry have only to take a leap of faith in the adoption of the various strategies since the future in technology is very volatile. References Chan-Olmsted, S. Jamison, M.   ( 2001)Rivalry through alliances.Competitive Strategy in the Global Telecommunications Market. European Management Journal, 19(3), 317-331. Eynard, C.(1995) A methodology for the performance evaluation of data query strategies in universal mobile telecommunication systems (UMTS). Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Journal. Johnson, G., Schole s, K, (1997) Exploring Corporate Strategy. Prentice-Hall Europe. Kolb, D. (1976) Management and the learning process. California Management Review  Matias, R.(2007) Contested Resources :Unions Employers and the Adoption of New Work Practices in US and UK Telecmmunication. British Journal of Industrial Relations 45 495-517. Porter M., (1985) Competitive Advantage. The Free Press, Runhaar, H. and Lafferty, H.(2007) Governing Corporate Social Responsibility: An Assessment of the Contribution of the UN Global Compact to CSR Strategies in the Telecommunications Industry. Journal of business ethics. Winther, M. (2009) Telecom Services Excellence in Customer Care - WhoCares? The Orange Business Services Strategy to Manage by Customer Loyalty. The orange business. Available from

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The main differences between conventional bank and Islamic bank Essay

The main differences between conventional bank and Islamic bank - Essay Example Even this is unchanged in the asset category. All assets including fixed assets and other assets are summed accordingly after that. The total assets are written below. Doha Bank had an additional investment in an associate company which Qatar Islamic Bank did not have. In the liabilities section, again there are a lot of similarities. Net liabilities at the end of 2010 for Doha Bank stand at 39, 319, 885 Qattari Riyals while those of Qatar Islamic Bank stand at 20, 979, 710 Qatari Riyals. Qatar bank had liabilities due from Sukook financing activities which are nowhere to be seen in the Doha Bank balance sheet statement. Total shareholder’s equity of Qatar Islamic Bank stood at 9,124, 004 while that of Doha Bank stood at 6,043, 493 (All amount in Qatarri Riyals) . There is hedge reserve in Doha Bank while Qatar Bank did not have any hedge reserve. Income statement: Net income for Qatar Islamic Bank as of year ending December 2010 is specified as 1,833,139 while that of Doha Ba nk is 1,054,245 (all figures stated in QR). The way in which income is calculated is very different for both banks. In Doha Bank net operating income is calculated as the sum of net income from insurance activities, net Islamic financing and investing income, net fees and net commission income. In Qatar Islamic bank the above categories are not used.